University of Liverpool Online Programmes - Student profile questions

Name:  Minqi Zuo

Country of origin:  China

Country where you work/reside:  New Zealand

Profession and job title:  Trading Business, Managing director

Company or organisation for which you work: Maxwise Trading Company Limited

University of Liverpool programme of study (and specialisation): MSC in Project Management

Graduation date: 8th Dec 2015


  1. Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I originally come from China. I have lived in New Zealand for more than 14 years now.

  1. What do you do?

I was a business coordinator for a large IT company, as my contract was end so I fully contribute to my own business now. I am a managing director and work for my own Trading business which established seven years ago.

  1. Why did you choose to study a MSC Master Degree in project management?

I started doing some project related work few years ago, sometimes it made me feeling struggle to complete a project in a timely manner and within budget. I was eager to find out the reason why those project managers are able to manage projects successfully and how can be a better project management performer.

  1. Why did you choose to study online with the University of Liverpool?

The reason to choose to study online programme that because its flexibility. It suits my life style as a busy business woman with two children. It gave me the opportunity to complete my Master degree on my own time. To be honest I am not an exam-person, it always make me feeling nervous when I sit for the exam. No-exam was one of the reasons why I decided to take this course. I did a research on the worldwide university ranking and I believe University of Liverpool is the right one to meet my expectation – High reputation in academic, helpful staff, exceptional educational system, one of the red brick universities in the world and established more than one century ago.

  1. How do you fit online study into your busy life?

A better time management skill is necessary to fit the online study into the busy life. I sometimes get up at 4:30am in the morning and working on my assignment till the children get up. I was writing my assignment and reading lecture notes on the plane, or in the airport waiting room, or on the cough; listening to the lecture notes (I am glad that UOL provided audio files to us which makes the student learning life much easier) when I drive a car, or on the bus, or on my break time. Online study allowed me to manage my own study pace; it gave me the most convenience to achieve my goal in my own time.

  1. What else do you do while you were studying?

I would never have forgotten about the family. I travelled to Fiji, China and Euro with my family when I was studying my online Master programme in the past few years, of course I used the waiting time in the airport or on the plane to plan my study and finish my assignment on board. I took the children to the beach in the summer and took them to ski in the winter, life was as usual but the only difference was that I needed to do a better time management plan before I enjoyed this

  1. Do you study in any unusual places?

If you think airport waiting room, clinical waiting room, bus, train are the unusual places then yes, I did study in the unusual places as listed above.

  1. What is your experience of collaborating with other international students?

All my classmates were fantastic, we worked together to get the work done, especially at the beginning of the dissertation, they gave me a lot of helpful tips to extend my knowledge and thinking of the right topic for my dissertation.  My experience of collaborating with other international students that’s Four words: 1. Challenge – Don’t be shy to challenge their opinion if you have any different ideas; 2. Advice – Provide valid advice if you think your idea can be added on to their topic; 3. Pro-active – Try your best to collaborate with your colleagues actively; 4. Support – Support each other in this fantastic learning journal.

  1. What is your research for your degree?

My research for my degree was Leadership styles in IT industry in New Zealand, the research was assessing relationships between leadership styles, staff turnover and project success.

  1. How will an online degree change you and/or help you move ahead?

I have learnt Procurement Method, Total Quality Management and project management principles in the past few years with this MSC degree, it made me thinking outside of the square when doing business in the future.

  1. What’s next after you graduate? I will try to apply project management method to my current business, I am sure that makes a difference.
  2. What three words sum-up your experience with the University of Liverpool?

Open up a world of connections

Hanjing Yang, MSc Marketing

Hanjing Yang enrolled on to the MSc Marketing programme at the University of Liverpool Online to fulfil her dream of achieving a qualification from an internationally recognised institution. Having already gained more than ten years’ experience in different industries, from professional services to non-profit organisations, Hanjing felt that she had reached a point in her career that required her to sharpen her marketing expertiseto progress.


Currently employed as deputy chief representative at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Hanjing recognises that marketing is a crucial aspect of her role, as well as being something that she enjoys.However, she did not want to leave her role in order to study, so the online programme at Liverpool seemed like the perfect option to meet her needs.

“I enrolled on the programme as I wanted to develop the skills which would allow me to have a thorough understanding of marketing, theory and application and this was the best possible option for that,” Hanjing said. “Many of the master’s programmes at Chinese universities are fairly limited. I feel that this is the best choice that I’ve made so far in regards to my education.”

Hanjing has enjoyed the challenge of balancing both work and study, and believes that the key to doing so is effective time management. “I have already recognised the progress that I have made on the programme.It is tough managing your work and life commitments, but it is a great experience and will provide you with the skills needed to progress within your career.” Hanjing added, “I also enjoy the classroom interactions with students from around theworld. It is an invaluable opportunity to share knowledge and expertise with my international classmates and gain a Western perspective on different marketing approaches and challenges, especially as I work for an American organisation.”

Speaking of the global classroom and her interactions with international students, Hanjing felt that she has been immediately able to spot gaps in her research and critical thinking skills. “I have noticed a significant improvement in both my writing and critical thinking skills since the beginning of the programme;this is largely due to my participation in class discussions and provides me with the opportunity to develop friendships, whilst discussing interesting topics which relate to the programme.”

Looking forward to what the next two years will bring, Hanjing hopes to continue expanding her knowledge and succeed in her modules, she explained, “I welcome the intellectual challenges that the programme provides. The rigor of the MSc programme allows me to be safe in the knowledge that the programme is worth the effort. The programme is also an opportunity to become a better leader, it has even given me the confidence to strive higher and push myself towards better opportunities whilst remaining in my job.”

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The University of Liverpool MBA has definitely improved my knowledge and skills and made me more effective at work.
Ashraf Al Jaabari, MBA, Jordan
General Manager, medical and healthcare sector

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